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Why Spare Players?

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Simply put, there's no other free resource that offers this service in a user-friendly website.

We started this site a few years ago when we were searching for players for our recreational ice hockey team. We could not find a good solution so we created our own!

This website is for anyone involved in sports. We have you covered whether you're looking for a team or looking for players for your existing team. Regardless of your skill or experience, we hope you can find a team or playing partner.

Similarly, if your team needs a few extra players, check out our growing database in your city today!

As both team organizers and referees ourselves, we've added a new referee database to the latest version of our website. Now you can search our database of officials for any of the featured sports.

The more people that sign up on our site, the bigger and better our database will become so spread the word to your friends, teammates, colleagues, and family members today.


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